GDLHG has developed a fantastic relationship with other living history groups not only here in the UK but also in Europe and the USA.
Here is some of the main groups GD work with.

7Kp GD

Our sister group and part of the wider GD family 7Kp GD based in the US.
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Die Soldaten

The award winning Die Soldaten, a UK based later War Heer unit with the same drive and determination to achieve the highest standards as us at GDLHG
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SSTK LHG a group we have worked closely with this unit was on GDs flank at the battle of Kursk in 1943. The men of SSTK LHG are the finest SS unit in the UK.
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284th Rifle Division

284th Rifle Division, a UK based group dedicated to the accurate portrayal of a Soviet infantry unit. They portray various elements of the 284th rifle division who later became the 79th guards division.
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The Division LHG

We are a Norwegian-based reenactment group portraying the 9. Panzer Aufklärung from the 9. Panzer Division of the German Army during the second world war.
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